“Support our troops.” Yes, right! Support OUR troops!

Take a good long look at this online advertisement.
It was paid for by the Trump Make America Great Again Committee.
The ad ran online from September 8 to 12.

The big central image features (shows) five troops and these words: “Support Our Troops.”

But first, the advertisement looked like the one on the left
There is a jet over the three troops in that image. |
Beautiful, isn’t it?

However, the jet in the image isn’t used by the US Air Force.

An engineer who designed jets for the US Air Force, says this is actually a Russian air force MiG-29.

Source well, one of many sources…

advertisement [əd’vɜːtɪsmənt] объявление, рекламное объявление,
ad  [æd] = advertisement
jet [ʤet] реактивный самолёт; реактивный двигатель
support [sə’pɔːt] v.  поддерживать, оказывать поддержку
support [sə’pɔːt] поддержка
trooper [‘truːpə] солдат (любого рода войск)
troops [truːps] войска, армия, вооружённые силы
troop может также употребляться вместо слова trooper – солдат


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