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Russian forces have fired warning shots at a Royal Navy destroyer after it allegedly entered the country’s territorial waters in the Black Sea, the Russian Defense Ministry has said.
A border patrol boat fired shots at HMS Defender, and a warplane dropped four
bombs close to the ship, according to a statement quoted by a Russian news agency.
Well, our correspondent Jonah Fischer is in Kyiv for us um.
Jonah, this news is just in in the last hour. Tell us more about what we know.

Yeah, we’re getting most of our information at the moment from this Russian Defense Ministry statement. It says that about three hours ago uh warnings were given to the British ship the HMS Destroyer. Those warnings were ignored. They… they… it was supposedly entering into Russian territorial waters. uh

Warning shots were apparently fired from a Russian border patrol ship. uh And then about ten minutes after that a Russian fighter jet uh Sukhoi 24 uh carried out what uh they’re calling ‘a warning bombing’ along the route that this uh HMS destroyer was … was uh going along. Four bombs were apparently dropped and then uh the British ship changed direction.

Now what should be pointed out here is exactly where this took place, uh because the Russians uh consider Crimea as a part of their country uh. Great Britain, the international community does not. They consider it to have been illegally annexed uh by Russia and to… uh under international law to be part of uh Ukraine, so what appears… or what appears that could have happened here uh is that the British ship, the HMS Destroyer, was uh passing close to Crimea uh seeking to make the point perhaps uh that this is international waters, it doesn’t belong to Russia, and the Russians have responded uh in this very robust way towards that movement.

Jonah, thank you. Jonah Fisher reporting there from Kyiv.

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