As the old saying goes, any idiot can turn an aquarium into fish soup, but no one has yet figured out how to reverse the process. Source 

The historian Walter Russell Mead recently noted that after the 1990s revolution that collapsed the Soviet Union, Russians had a saying that seems particularly apt today: “It’s easier to turn an aquarium into fish soup than to turn fish soup into an aquarium.” Indeed, from Europe to the Middle East, and maybe soon even to Russia and Asia, a lot of aquariums are being turned into fish soup all at once. But turning them back into stable societies and communities will be one of the great challenges of our time. Source 

Strangely enough, this saying is attributed to the Russians. Neither I nor anybody I ask has ever heard it. But never mind. We have been through fish soup in the 90s and back to a stable society. Still, they wish to see us disintegrate once more. But we have learned our lesson. Have they?


apt [æpt] подходящий, уместный; удачный
aquarium [ə’kweərɪəm] аквариум
challenge [‘ʧælɪnʤ] сложная задача; вызов of the great challenges of our time.
disintegrate [dɪs’ɪntɪgreɪt] v распадаться
figure out [‘fɪgə] [aut] v. понимать, разгадывать
fish soup [fɪʃ] [suːp] уха
indeed [ɪn’diːd] несомненно
mind [maɪnd]v. обращать внимание: Never mind!
particularly [pə’tɪkjələlɪ] особенно
reverse [rɪ’vɜːs] v. менять на противоположное
saying [‘seɪɪŋ] поговорка
seem [siːm] v. казаться
turn [tɜːn] v. поворачивать(ся); превращать

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