A missile was ‘accidentally’ fired from a military jet in Chad when the plane was taking off.  The missile broke loose and struck a nearby house, killing five people. Allegedly, the missile first hit a French Army fuel truck, before hitting the house. 

The incident took place on Friday (April 17th).

The jet was a Russian-made Sukhoi Su-25 of the Chadian Air Force.


The Chadian Air Force has a fleet of Russian-made Sukhoi jets that have been used to conduct aerial bombing raids against Boko Haram militants in the Lake Chad region.

An investigation is underway to determine the circumstances of this incident.

Local media said the missile was fired from the warplane parked at the airbase not far from N’Djamena, the capital city of Chad.

It was also reported that the missile struck several meters from the Chad headquarters of anti-jihadist Operation, an operation that started in 2014 and is led by the French military to exterminate Islamist groups in Africa’s Sahel region. 


allegedly [ə’leʤɪdlɪ] – как утверждают 

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