The Russian vaccine, Sputnik V,  “has an impressive 91.6 percent efficacy rate against the virus.”

It “is completely protective against severe cases of Covid-19.” NYT 

efficacy [‘efɪkəsɪ] эффективность
rate [reɪt] уровень, величина: efficacy rate эффективность, уровень / степень эффективности
severe [sɪ’vɪə] суровый; severe cases тяжёлые случаи

Extracts from VOA 


The news will help sell the vaccine to other countries in the ________________ the pandemic.

Last August, Russian President Vladimir Putin declared on national television that Russia became the first country ________________a COVID-19 vaccine.

He said one of his daughters had already _____________ the two _____________.

At the time, the vaccine had only been tested on _____________50 people.

Kirill Dmitriev is head of the Russian Direct Investment Fund, or RDIF, the organization that paid for the vaccine’s _____________.

“Russia was_____________from the very beginning,” he said. 

The fund says Sputnik V has been approved for _____________use in more than 12 other countries.

They _____________the former Soviet republics of Belarus, Armenia and Turkmenistan; Latin American nations _____________Argentina, Bolivia and Venezuela; African nations such as Algeria as well as Serbia, Iran, Palestine and United Arab Emirates.

An RDIF _____________told The Associated Press that more than 50 countries have _____________to buy 2.4 billion doses.

The latest study is based on _____________involving about 20,000 people over 18 at hospitals in Moscow between September and November.

About 75 percent of the people received two _____________of the vaccine 21 days _____________and the rest got a _____________– a shot with an inactive substance.

Polly Roy is a professor of virology at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. She said there should no longer be any _____________about the Russian vaccine. 

She said the high _____________of antibodies made by Sputnik V suggest that it could also _____________some of the new COVID-19 variants.

But more studies are needed to _____________that.

“Initially, I had some _____________about what they were saying and thought they were getting too much publicity, but the data are now very _____________,” Roy said. 

Last month, Putin ordered a large _____________campaign to begin in Russia.



apart [ə’pɑːt] в отдельности; 21 days apart  с интервалом в 21 день

approve [ə’pruːv] v. одобрять

concern [kən’sɜːn] обеспокоенность

confirm [kən’fɜːm] v. подтверждать

development [dɪ’veləpmənt] развитие; разработка

emergency [ɪ’mɜːʤ(ə)n(t)sɪ] чрезвычайная ситуация, ЧП

emergency use использование в крайнем случае

include [ɪn’kluːd] v. включать

involve [ɪn’vɔlv] v. содержать, включать

placebo [plə’siːbəu] плацебо, безвредное вещество

publicity [pʌb’lɪsətɪ] гласность,реклама

race [reɪs] гонка, состязание в скорости: the race against the pandemic гонка за обуздание пандемии

request [rɪ’kwest] v. просить; request просьба

research [rɪ’sɜːʧ] исследование

shot [ʃɔt] выстрел; укол, инъекция: to receive a shot получить укол

spokesman [‘spəuksmən] представитель


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