BEER: 50 Million Pints May be Dumped

April 4, 2020


Britain is in a nationwide lockdown.

Non-essential businesses, like pubs, have already been closed for nearly a month.

Great Britain has around 39,000 pubs.

Each pub has around 15 barrels of beer.

Under lockdown pubs do not make any money.

People stay home and beer goes stale.

Many pubs have already started to dump stale beer

If lockdowns continue, 50 million pints of stale beer will be dumped.

‘It’s a very sad waste of all the work and talent that goes into producing great beer,’ says a brewer. ‘People won’t get to drink it and all those resources have been used up for nothing.’

Some pubs are already asking the government where they can dump stale beer. In the coming months, tens of millions of pints could be dumped if lockdowns continue.

Some brewers have started converting stale beer into hand sanitizer, by extracting the alcohol.


Обратите внимание на то, что слово lockdown может употребляться как в единственном, так и во множественном числе:

  • lockdowna nationwide lockdown – вся страна на карантине
  • If lockdowns continue – если карантин продлится
  • If the lockdown extends into summer = if the lockdown lasts till summer

For the word ‘lockdown’ see an earlier post here.



beer [bɪə] пиво

to brew [bruː] – варить пиво – to brew beer

brewer [‘bruːə]пивовар

pint [paɪnt] (сокр. pt) пинта (единица объёма в системе английских мер; в Великобритании = 0,568 л) кружка ёмкостью в 1 пинту

waste [weɪst] – зряшняя трата: What a waste! It is a pity to waste it.

to dump = to destroy – выбрасывать на свалку, уничтожать




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